Do you want to be a leader? Well, actually everyone is a leader at least; Leader for him/ herself. Because, before we are able to lead others we should be able to lead our self. We cannot ask other “Guys, please be discipline” while sometimes we are late. So, the most important of leadership is consistency of what we say and what we do.

Every year, Unity School has Leadership Training program. On October 25-27, 2017 all grade 7 and grade 10 students attended this program in Batalyon Kostrad Cilodong Depok West Jawa. There were 10 soldiers (TNI) who trained Unity Students during three days.

First day, Unity Students got training about PBB (Pasukan Baris Berbaris). It seems simple, but that’s quite difficult for students. How to stand well, pay homage to nation flag well, turn right-left well etc. Those will be even more difficult when they have to do them together. Sometimes they got sanction when they wrong. They learn about togetherness and how to work together from PBB.

Second day, they learned about Nationalism: Bela Negara. TNI show some videos about strategic war and how to make Indonesia become a Big Nation in the world. In the globalism era, nationalism is important thing. We as an Indonesian generation must care and build unity in our diversity. In togetherness, we must to show Bhineka Tunggal Ika as our identity to the world. Even if we are different we can make harmony. That is the important message to fulfil peace in the world.

At 21.00 o’clock, they have bonfire in the wide field. The night was quite fearful because of dark and only a little lighting from distance. Students have prepared performance for this activity. In a group, they performed some kind of music and arts; sing a national song and poem.
Third day, maybe for some students, was the most unpleasant day. At 00.00 pm, when they slept soundly, they ought to wake up and follow TNI’s direction. They must to go to Shoot Field (Lapangan Tembak) quickly. Even they were still sleepy, they had to walk 2 km to the place. Thence… they were awakened for Dare Challenge (“Jurit Malam”) session.

Students were divided into groups. Each group consisted 4 or 5 students. They had to pass 5 stations which were different tasks in each station. Station 1: PBB Evaluation. In this station they had to practice PBB well without TNI’s direction. Station 2: Vision Prediction. In the darkness they had to predict-feel around them well, so they will be safe. Station 3: Smelling-Touching Prediction. In this station their eye were closed then they had to guess correctly what they were touching and smelling. Station 4: “Bela Negara”. Students had to plan how to defend nation. Station 5: Reflection; In this station all students must to make reflection about whole activities from the first day. What are good or positive things that they find during School Leadership Training and they will apply in real life?

Last session of School Leadership Training was more fun. Yeahhhh, outbound! Students got fun activities, rafting and hurdles (“halang rintang”). After scary activity last night, students enjoy rafting and hurdles.
School Leadership Training, the meaningful activity had to be ended. At 13.00 pm, Trainer from TNI, Teachers and students gathered in field for closing ceremony. “Bye Unity Students, we apologize for all our weakness during training” said Pak Suwarno as Leader of closing ceremony.
Congrats students! This is time to be a leader. (tresno-jw)

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