At the mid-day of Oct 25th, Grade 9 of Unity Students arrived in Wisma Kinasih Depok West Java. Wisma Kinasih is one of best place for outing activity like personal development. Wisma Kinasih has wide a garden with so many trees. Everyone felt comfortable because of fresh and clean air, without air pollution.
Mr Rianto, Mr Thomas and Mr Deni (SPM Solusi Prophesi Mandiri) as the facilitator greeted them and welcame them to drink fresh orange jus. Further, they still had some time to relax first before Personal Development will be started. Some teachers, Ibu Tatik, Ms Indah, and Mr Adrian joined and accompanied Grad 9 Students.

“Students, lets come in to the auditorium” shouted Mr Rianto to students. Signalling that they would start Personal Development program.

What is Personal Development? It is one of Unity School’s programs to guide students to become a mature person. Some traits of maturity are to be responsible, be confident and be independent. Unity School concerns about students’ personality development so we provide this program every year. Personal Development is continuance program to the School Leadership Training (Grade 7) and Leadership Camp Program (Grade 8).

First Day: SPM Team provided materials such as ice breaking, students’ potential, games and discussion. “Today and the next 3 days are special time for you. So, follow SPM Team’s direction well” said Mr Tresno, JHS Principal in opening ceremony.
Second Day: Out Door Activities. On second day, students got some partnership games. They had to solve the games in each group. But, unfortunately, there was big rain so they moved in to hall to continue activities.

Third Day: Life Target. SPM Team guided students to plan their target and make a real planning how to reach the target. Regarding the National Examination, they had to plan well to get maximum UN result.

Thanks to God, Personal Development program run well. All students felt happy and joyful. Well, may all students get positive benefits which come true in their real life, especially in their study. (tresno-jw)

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