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Unity Primary School has been accredited for the second time. The accreditation process took two days. It was on 26 and 27 September 2018. Do you know what accreditation is? Do you know why every school in Indonesia needs to be accredited? Through this short article, I’d like to share mainly about the accreditation of Unity Primary School.

What is accreditation?

Based on Cambridge Dictionary, accreditation means official approval of an organization. If it is related to a school as an educational institution, accreditation means an evaluation to the quality of a school educational system. An accredited school must have complete and accurate information and documentation. The accreditation process proves a credibility of the school by – at the end – giving official recognition that the school has met the standards of accreditation.

Why do schools need to be accredited?

Accreditation is essential to schools because it helps discover if a school meets the educational standards of quality. In a simple statement, accreditation will show the good points of a school and tell the areas for improvement. So, why do schools need to be accredited? It is because accreditation process will help the schools by giving insights and ideas about what to do to build up a qualified educational system.

The accreditation of Unity Primary School

This is the second time for Unity Primary School to be accredited. The first accreditation, Primary Department got an A as the result. This result shows the quality and credibility of Primary educational system.

The process of accreditation for the second time was quite tiring. There were many documents need to be filled with accurate and specific information from many aspects. All teachers hand in hand to do their responsibilities and to give their very best. The result is not yet released but we believe that result will never betray the effort; we will surely reap what we’ve planted.

Through two times of accreditation process, Unity Primary School guarantees a qualified educational system, qualified teachers and staff and new effective teaching methods to improve the educational process.

Does accreditation matter?

What if the school you are looking for to register your child is not accredited? Does it matter?

Ruth Prima Dimora is a professional educator of expertise in Educational Leadership. She was graduated from English Departement of Universitas Kristen Indonesia with specialization in English Linguistics. She gained her Master of Education (Leadership) from Morling College, Australia. She has been in the educational field since 2006 as an English teacher at international and national curriculum schools, students’ counselor, lecturer and translator. She has taught students of all ages and levels. She also has experienced teaching in a remote area of eastern Indonesia. Ruth is a traveler, coffee lover and amateur writer. She publishes her writing in her blog “Hijau Biru”.

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