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Extracurricular activities are non-academic activities which are done out of the main lessons at school. These activities are usually held after the teaching and learning periods are finished. At Unity School, especially Primary Department, there are 17 extracurricular activities for students to get involved. Some of them are mandatory and the others are optional.

There are four mandatory extracurricular activities. What are they? Here we go…
First, for lower level students, they are directed towards English Club and Scout programme. In English Club programme, all students learn something new apart from their English lesson during their school time. They learn to improve their listening and reading skills by watching educated videos and reading some inspirational short stories. They also learn how to speak up their mind when they are requested to give their comments or opinions related to the topic they are discussing.

Besides English Club, there is also Scout programme for students must to join. Not only lower level but also upper level students get involved in this activity. Scouting is beneficial to almost every single student. It gives positive impacts on students’ personal growth, socially and intellectually, since the activities are about building self-confidence, spiritual character and leadership skills.

Then, for upper level students, they’ve got to do Marching Band or Choir as the mandatory extracurricular activity. In Marching Band programme, students are trained to play some instruments such as pianika, drum band, cymbal and marimba. Marching Band students usually perform during Unity Open House event as the opening performance. While Marching Band teaches about instruments, choir students learn to sing some songs with different singing voice types.

So, four mandatory extracurricular activities in Primary Department are English Club, Scouts, Marching Band and Choir.

Primary Department also offers a range of optional extracurricular activities. There are 13 optional programmes. There are Modern Dance, Taekwondo, Manga Painting, Lego Robotics, Sport Memory Course, Wushu, Chess, Soccer, Mandarin, ICT, Iqro, Guitar and Drum.

Why are there too many optional extracurricular activities?

Well, non-academic activities like sports, music lessons, modern dance, language classes, painting, robotics, etc will give benefits for students in terms of their character, intellectual and social development. Yet, parents are expected to choose wisely some activities for their children based on their interests and talents. The right extracurricular activities will give enjoyable and comfortable time for the children to demonstrate their abilities or skills and explore more their talents. Thus, the right choice comes from a good and strong parents-children relationship. Happy parents happy children.


Ruth Prima Dimora is a professional educator of expertise in Educational Leadership. She was graduated from English Departement of Universitas Kristen Indonesia with specialization in English Linguistics. She gained her Master of Education (Leadership) from Morling College, Australia. She has been in the educational field since 2006 as an English teacher at international and national curriculum schools, students’ counselor, lecturer and translator. She has taught students of all ages and levels. She also has experienced teaching in a remote area of eastern Indonesia. Ruth is a traveler, coffee lover and amateur writer. She publishes her writing in her blog “Hijau Biru”.

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