We Serve as We Lead: Unity Leadership Camp 2017

“Leaders!” the coach gave command. “Ready, coach!” came the reply.
“Motto Number 1?”asked the coach. “Whatever happens, gives the true response” the students responded.
These lines were heard during intensive training of Grade 8 in the Unity Leadership Camp in Eagle’s Hill, Mega Mendung, Bogor. They were trained professionally to foster excellent values such as integrity, solidarity, teamwork and servant leadership among many others.

Unity Leadership Camp is one of annual programs of Unity School to enhance the students capacity to have good characters, very especially to be the future leaders. Here in Unity, besides so many excellent academic points, we also concern about students’ capacity to have the best and true values in their lives, so that they can contribute to the society both now while they are as students and in the future when they have to be involved in the community.

In this three days program, the students did variety activities under the guidance of 6 selected coaches from Essentials Event Organizers. In the first day, they were taught about basic rules and procedures to be ultimately discipline and to pay good attention to the commands and norms. The students were split into four groups and they took turn to be in charge as leaders. Beside this, they also had another team works which is called work unit (satuan tugas – satgas) to later on serve their friends to the best of their work quality. These tasks including serving lunch and dinners which had been provided before hands.

In the second day, they did sessions on strong self-image and self-esteem; respecting others and how to maximize their own and others’ capacity in leadership. Every one of these sessions was followed by games and outdoor activities which were enthusiastically followed by eight graders until they finished. The coaches were skillfully planted the good morals and values for each games so that they could learn and apply further in students’ real life.

In the third day, the students were assessed in the developments and absorptions on the materials of this training. They were provided with activities such as cooking for others, trekking and many other activities which gave them good opportunity to put what they had learn two days previously into practice. They did it really well!

Over all, all the students enjoyed this training and many of them thought that they learned a lot of important and meaningful values from the Unity Leadership training. The place of the training was also very conducive and natural, besides the well-organized programs and professional coaches and teachers who guided them: Mr. Ardy, Mr. Yudi and Ms Rengga. Our principal, Mr. Tresno, also had the opportunity to survey and monitor the progress of the training. See you on the next Unity Leadership Camp, excellent students! (Yudi K)

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