Unity Early Childhood & Kindergarten was accredited by BAN PAUD & PNF. Unity Kindergarten Accreditation result was issued on October 3, 2018 is: “A” – Predikat Unggul (SK penetapan Hasil Akreditasi BAN PAUD &PNF NOMOR 106/BAN PAUD DAN PNF/AKR/2018).

Unity Early Childhood and Kindergarten was established in 2006. Our location is at Bekasi Selatan. Unity School applies Bilingual language (English – Indonesian). Supported by all professional teachers (S1 from qualified Universities). Our teachers are dedicated, professional, and experienced to teach and train our students.

Unity School community consists of various religions and races with high tolerance between teachers, students and all communities. We also emphasize togetherness among students, teachers and parents; Which link to the progress of our students towards a better future.

Unity Early Childhood and Kindergarten – applies Montessori Approach that has five learning areas: Practical Life, Sensorial Area, Language Area, Mathematics Area, and Culture Area, supported by our supporting and nurturing teachers who trained and experienced to the implementation of our Curriculum.

We also develop our students with extra-curricular Co-Curricular such as Robotic, Ballet, Drawing, Mandarin and Basic Computer Skill. We also have many activities to develop our student Character, positive attitudes and good habits such as; Character Education, Music and Movement, Morning Exercise, Physical Education, Science Experiment, Games, Puppet Show, Story time, Art & Craft etc.

  • Toddler:
7.30 AM – 10.00 AM (Monday & Wednesday)
  • Nursery:
7.30 AM – 10.30 AM (Monday, Wednesday & Friday Or Tuesday, Thursday & Friday)
  • Junior Kindergarten:
7.30 AM – 11.45 AM (Monday – Friday)
  • Senior Kindergarten:
7.30 AM – 11.45 AM (Monday – Friday)