Unity Senior High School is accredited A (Predikat Unggul, SK Penetapan Hasil Akreditasi Nomor: 02.00/330/SK/BAP-SM/XII/2017) by BAN S/M of Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture in November 2017. The school adopts Cambridge Assessment International Education Program.


Unity Senior High School was established in 2014, located in South Bekasi. Unity Senior High School uses both English and Bahasa Indonesia on a day-to-day basis supported by professional teachers (S2 and S1 from Qualified Universities) who are dedicated, professional and experienced in teaching and training our students.

The Unity School community consists of diverse religions and races with high tolerance and respect between teachers, students and staff members. We also emphasize togetherness amongst others which contributes to the development of our students’ characters.

Unity Senior High School applies Cambridge Assessment International Education Program for all levels (Grades 10-12), supported by our teachers who are experienced in said curriculum.

We also develop our students’ abilities with extracurricular activities such as Violin, Guitar, Vocal, Drums, Band, Badminton, and Scouts. We have many activities which can develop our students’ characters, positive attitudes, and good habits, make them grow into good and open-minded people.

  • Grade 10-12 :
  • o Intra Curricular: 06.50 AM – 02.30 PM
  • o Extra Curricular: 02.45 PM – 04.15 PM

All graduates from unity Senior High School are recognized and appreciated by PTN, Private Universities, and Universities Overseas.